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Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery – Goodie Spotlight

November 25, 2014

“Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery brings together your favourite treats to create something completely different. From 40 homemade ice cream flavours including Burnt Toffee, London Fog, Cinnamon Toast, and even Avocado, to freshly made cookies, and hot drinks to go alongside with these yummy treats. What do we do with all these cookies and ice cream? We make sandwiches. Choose your flavour, choose your cookie and we’ll make it for you.”

This summer was big for Bang Bang Ice Cream – everywhere we looked we saw people eating their fabulous cookie-ice cream combo! And so we were delighted when owner, Rosanne Pezzelli, decided to chat with us about her recently opened ice cream shop.

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LPG: We understand that before opening Bang Bang Ice Cream, you were also running a bakery called Bakerbots, is this true? When and why did you open Bang Bang Ice Cream?

BBIC: Yes, Bakerbots is our sister shop. Bakerbots really has a focus on baked goods but we wanted to be able to completely incorporate ice cream into our treats. So, we opened Bang Bang on May 16 of 2014.

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LPG: What makes Bang Bang Ice Cream so unique/special?

BBIC: Bang Bang is unique for a few reasons. First of all, we make absolutely everything on site and pretty much every day depending on demand. This way we’re able to be sure the product we put out for our customers is high quality, every time. Secondly, we leave everything to the customer. The customer chooses the flavours they want and we make it for them. And finally, we are always trying new things. If we can think of a new flavour that sounds kinda good, we’ll try to make it. If it tastes as good as we were hoping then we serve it and if not then we simply never make it again!

LPG: What has been your most memorable experience since opening your second shop?

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BBIC: Most memorable experience with Bang Bang? Probably Bang Bang birthdays. If we find out it’s a customer’s birthday, we sneak off with whatever treat they’ve ordered and light a sparkler on top of it. It’s always nice to see them either get all excited or all embarrassed once we start singing a terrible happy birthday to them.

LPG: Is there anything exciting coming up this season on your menu that you can share with us?

BBIC: We’ve got quite a few new items for our winter menu. The biggest thing are our new winter friendly flavours. Just one example is Misty, why you so minty which is a peppermint vanilla mix with white chocolate drizzle. On top of that we’re starting to focus on hot drinks such as flavoured hot chocolates and lattes. We take a scoop of whatever flavour ice cream you want and melt it down with some milk, add a shot of espresso, and froth it altogether. We’re also getting into specialty orders for parties or larger events; give us a call or email and we’ll put together a Bang Bang treat for you to pick up.

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LPG: Along with being a pastry chef, you’re also an illustrator and painter. Do you still make art? Where do you see yourself and your shop(s) in the next five years?

BBIC: Art is always a dominant thing in our lives and this translates to the shop. Right now at Bang Bang we have about 40 flavours of ice cream; in five years we hope to at least quadruple that number. Expanding and creating awesome items is what we’re constantly trying to do with Bang Bang.

We’d like to thank Bang Bang and Rosanne for taking the time to answer our Q&A – we loved learning more about your shop and will definitely be telling our friends and clients about your special events services. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours!

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