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BOMB Fitness – Goodie Spotlight

December 09, 2014

Happy December to all our party-goers!

We’re very excited to introduce this week’s Goodie Spotlight feature – BOMB Fitness, the Danforth’s latest training space offering flexible group exercise classes and private training in a more focused and intimate atmosphere.

We know it’s that time of year everyone starts to let loose; eating lots of holiday sweets and delicious big dinners, so naturally we decided to reach out to a great neighbourhood gym that wants to help keep you on track over the holidays! Unlike big box gyms, BOMB Fitness staff strive to learn the names of all their clients, and most importantly notice when they’re not attending classes – talk about customer care!

What really drew us to feature the BOMB is the fact that they also include kids in their programming – with their after school Fit Kids program, P.A. day activities and day camp for when school’s out!

Read on to our Q&A with co-owner Kevin Bennett to learn more about this fantastic east end fitness institution:

LPG:  When and why did you open BOMB Fitness?

:  We opened in January of 2012. We thought there was a need for a fitness studio in the community as there wasn’t much around. Even just three years ago this strip of the Danforth was nothing great to look at but with further investigation we felt that didn’t represent the neighbourhood around us, so we took a chance and hoped that the community would come out and support and use a facility like ours. Luckily they did, and now it’s a thriving strip with gastro pubs opening up, speciality shops and coffee bars and even more fitness studios. It’s a delight to witness.


10394783_816491035036133_5509753405701860206_nimages courtesy of BOMB fitness

LPG:  What makes BOMB Fitness so unique/special?

BF:  I think we excel at creating a positive, group atmosphere in our studio. The fitness industry is generally regarded as slimy and unprofessional.  We want to be as professional as possible in all aspects of our operations. We don’t have a room to lock you in until you agree to a never-ending personal training contract, complete with financing. We know everyone’s name and we want to see you on a regular basis.  When you are absent for a length of time we don’t charge your credit card and hope you won’t notice – we call you or in extreme cases, show up at your door.
There’s also intelligence behind the sweat.  It’s important that we keep our members up-to-date with unique programming – multi-joint movement patterns, full body exercises, lifting progressively heavier weights and also mixing in some Yoga, Pilates, and lighter classes so that they are properly trained for life.

LPG:  What kind of experience do you have with kids, and why did you decide to start a Fit Kids after school program?


10644793_885199254831977_8806646165058550350_oimages courtesy of BOMB fitness

BF:  We have been offering kids programming since we opened, but last year was when we really jumped in head first.  We moved from offering our classes with child-minding and once-a-week Fit Kids classes to a comprehensive after school program for kids 4-10.  We pick them up from school daily and teach them functional movement patterns, gross and fine motor skills, and problem-solving in a kid-centric class.  Victoria has been teaching kids and adults for 10+ years in her secret other life as a Sergeant in the army reserves, and musician and music educator. Just like adult fitness, we felt there was a need for a different type of kids program in the area. It’s a common thing to take your kids to martial arts, or baseball, or hockey but not all kids will grow up to be part of a sports team. However, everyone should have knowledge and application experience of exercise all throughout their life. So the younger we can get them into push-ups squats and fun kids moves like gorilla walks, the greater the chance they won’t grow up with too many unhealthy habits.

LPG:  What has been your most memorable experience since opening your business?

10258828_801995293152374_7973201763521182182_oimages courtesy of BOMB fitness

BF:  Being reviewed by the Toronto Star within weeks of opening was memorable and scary as we had no idea a reporter was in one of our classes. However, the most memorable moment was realizing that after just 18 months in, we were bursting out the seams with members who we spent more quality time with than our own family.  I’ll never forget the day we paraded our Striders down the street with a group of our amazing members to park them in our new studio.  These folks spent countless hours of their time helping to paint and prepare the new studio and it really made the huge hike in rent seem like the right decision knowing that they were also in it for the long haul.  Our new space is more than double the size and we filled it quickly.

LPG:  Are there any exciting events coming up this season that you can share with us?

BF:  The New Year is coming up and like most gyms, January will be one of our busiest months. We have a lot of new classes being added to the schedule including Kettlebells. Our nutritionist is running a 4-week weight loss program and we’ll also have our 3rd year anniversary party on January 11th with free workshops, classes and discounts on most of our services.

 1935488_353565267995381_883105907_nimages courtesy of BOMB fitness

LPG:  As you mentioned, you recently moved to a bigger location – where do you see yourself and BOMB Fitness in the next five years?

BF:  The old adage is true “If you’re not growing, you’re dying” so in 5 years time we hope BOMB Fitness is still flourishing and providing a great atmosphere to exercise in, and that we keep providing intelligent training systems. We’ll never give up teaching, but our vision is to be able to mentor other fitness studio owners and help other neighbourhood gyms flourish as ours has.

Very big thank you to BOMB Fitness for sharing your story and inspiring numerous east enders to kick some butt in studio, and to keep our little ones active! We wish you all the best in your future endeavours!

Margaret O’Donoghue
Communications Coordinator

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