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Celebrate out of the city

June 16, 2015

We hope you have been enjoying your spring-almost summer!

We’ve been busy prepping for warm weather events which is why we thought we’d share a quick post about how to celebrate an occasion when you’re away for the weekend up at a cottage.

One of our Little Party-Goers staff went up north recently to surprise her friend with a cottage birthday dinner party. She said it turned out to be so much fun that we thought we’d share it with you for some summertime party inspiration!

After decorating the screened in porch area of the cottage with only a few pieces, it completely transformed, and the vibe of the space changed entirely. What was once an ordinary porch area turned into a cozy and colourful dining space. What made it even more romantic and beautiful was that it was right near the lake. Having the comfort of the trees and nature all around them was perfect for a special occasion. How memorable for a birthday dinner!

To transform your space try incorporating the following into your decor:

  1. Paper streamers to hang from the ceiling. Instead of flashy tinsel-based streamers, try going with a more organic vibe to go with the nature around you. If you want to get a fancier look, curl them up with a pair of scissors.
  2. Pastel coloured balloons. Again, instead of bright bold colours, try using dusty pastel tones so that your balloons aren’t the main focal point of the decor.
  3. A table cloth. This will dress up your cottage table and differentiate it from how you might normally dine. In the photo below, the coloured confetti on the table also added an extra festive feel.
  4. String lights and tea candles. When dusk falls and you don’t want to turn on an overbearing overhead light, try using twinkle lights and tea candles around the room for a cozy feel. For safety measures, make sure to use lamps with your candles.
  5. A Happy Birthday sign! Ideally your sign will be hand made with a personalized name included, and everyone joining your party could help contribute to it – but in last minute cases, a store-bought one will do. Let the birthday person know they’re special and that the evening is all about them!


We hope these five cottage birthday decor tips help inspire you to celebrate away from the city and to get creative in spaces that you haven’t before.

Have fun and happy cottaging everyone!

Margaret & The Little Party-Goers team


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