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Our Employees

Creative. Educated. Energetic. Professional. Outgoing. Trusting.

This is how we define our talented team of Child Event Coordinators.

Our employees have completed a criminal reference check, are CPR and First Aid trained and have attained either their Early Childhood Education Certification or a bachelor’s degree (in child family related studies).



little background:

  • Over 14 years of experience
  • Bachelor of Education in primary and junior divisions
  • Bachelor of Arts with specialized honours

little fun facts: I love to laugh! Food is my weakness and I love to travel.



little background:

  • Over 12 years of experience
  • Early Childhood Assistant diploma

little fun facts: I love chocolate (white is my favourite) and traveling. My favourite game as a child was Guess Who…now, it’s UNO.



little background:

  • Over 4 years of experience
  • Registered Early Childhood Educator
  • Certificate in autism and behavioural science

little fun facts: I love arts and crafts, have a BIG dog named Chester and my favourite snack is chocolate chip cookies.



little background:

  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Bachelor of Arts – English major
  • Completed first year of early childhood education studies
  • Speaks French, English, intermediate Spanish (all studied in University) and some German

little fun facts: I love dancing, game shows (I was even on one in the UK!) and am always on the lookout for the perfect pizza.



little background:

  • Over 10 years of experience
  • Bachelor of Arts – early childhood education
  • Registered Early Childhood Educator

little fun facts: I am a social butterfly and enjoy dancing and doing yoga. I can’t resist sour candies!



little background:

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Registered Early Childhood Educator
  • Bachelor of Arts – English language major
  • Masters degree in administration and educational supervision

little fun facts: I adore toddlers, am very social and love to cook.