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What qualifications do Little Party-Goers (LPG) employees have?
All LPG employees are qualified and educated with Early Childhood Education (ECE) certification and/or a bachelor’s degree. They have had criminal reference checks, CPR training and current medical tests.
How many staff provide care at an event?
The number of staff members is dependent on the amount and age range of children. We follow the Day Nurseries Act adult to child ratios; however, our ratios are altered and increased to ensure the safety of the children at the events, as we are not a typical daycare setting. Adult to child ratios are: 1:1 for children from infancy to 30 mos., 1:5 for children ages 3 to 5, 1:8 for children ages 6 to 9 and 1:12 for children ages 10 to 12.
What health and safety measures do LPG staff use to ensure the safety of the children?
Parents are required to sign a Parent Contract Form at the event, informing LPG staff of any medical conditions or allergies their child(ren) may have and provide us with contact information, in case of an emergency. A safety kit, sanitary wipes and eco-friendly disinfectants are on-hand at all times. LPG will ensure that the child care area is child friendly by removing any objects that may be of any harm to the children.
Where will your child care services be located at the event?
We provide care in any setting that is child-friendly including banquet halls, hotels, churches, homes and more. Also, child care can occur in a separate room if the venue has extra space such as a lobby, bridal suite or hotel room. If, however, the venue does not have an extra room for child care supervision, then we can offer care in the same room as the event (i.e. in the back or side corner of the venue). If there is space available in the venue, mats can be set up for children to play on and do various mobile activities. The host(s) of the event should ask the venue and/or event co-ordinator for space availability prior to booking.
Does LPG provide their services outside the Greater Toronto Area?
Little Party-Goers gladly travels throughout Ontario as well as to any other destinations. A travelling and/or accommodation fee for events outside the Greater Toronto Area and Canada will apply.
What happens if one or more children do not use your service on the day of the event?
Unfortunately, if your little guests do not use our service, the fees will remain the same. Staffing and materials are determined seven days prior to the event. Any changes after that cannot be accommodated.
What happens if there are last minute guests who would like to use your service on the day of the event?
In order to follow our child to adult ratios, last minute guests can only be accommodated if there are enough staff to adhere to our staff ratios.
Do you have liability insurance?
Yes we do!