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Moo Milk Bar – Goodie Spotlight

October 28, 2014

This week we got the chance to chat with a sweet (pun intended) little shop in the Beaches called Moo Milk Bar! This quaint spot on Queen East has got your milk n’ cookies cravings covered. We’ve quite honestly never seen such a diverse cookie selection at one shop – and with more than 15 different types of milks for sale to pair with your sweets, anyone would be in milk n’ cookies heaven. The brains behind this great little spot is former NYC chef Danielle Oron, who moved to Toronto to open a shop and bring things back to basics.

We love the fact that Moo Milk Bar has such a classic and simple way of doing sweets – but that they also go all out for special events like weddings or birthdays with beautiful, and most importantly delicious cakes and pies!

Read on to our Q&A below with Danielle to find out more about this Beaches milk n’ cookies gem!

LPG: How did Moo Milk Bar come to be? 

MMB: I recently moved to Toronto and quickly became very nostalgic because I missed home and what better way to feel at home than a warm cookie and a tasty glass of milk. Also,  I felt like there wasn’t a bakery in Toronto that made the kind of cookies I loved.

8538381728_fa6a42009d_oimage courtesy of moo milk bar

LPG: What makes Moo Milk Bar so unique?

MMB: We are Toronto’s only milk and cookie bakery. We sell homemade cookies, which are all made with pure butter and we bake them daily to ensure that right out of the oven taste. Our milk comes from Hewitt’s Dairy in Hagersville and we flavour everything in house. We use real vanilla beans and even make our own chocolate syrup and strawberry jam.

LPG: What are your favourite kinds of events to cater?

MMB: Weddings are a great event to cater. We love bringing the nostalgic feeling of milk and cookies to such a grand event. We have also had a few brides opt for an ice cream sammie bar, which is an amazing option too. Just like in-store, the wedding guests are able to pick the flavour of cookie and ice cream. It brings just that extra whimsical touch to weddings.

8537276519_3ba26a848f_oimage courtesy of moo milk bar

LPG: Are there any Moo Milk Bar goodies that are especially great for cooler fall weather?

MMB: Yes, of course!  We just released our Fall menu. For the cookies, we have a ginger molasses and a pumpkin spice cookie, which has cream cheese frosting right on top. It’s to die for! We also have a pumpkin spice milk and we have brought our pies back. Our pie flavours include our signature Pumpkin Pie and Ricotta Nutella Chocolate Cookie Pie. A new addition to the pie line-up this year, is our Caramel Apple Crumble Pie. If you’re looking for a sweet loaf, we also have an Apple Pecan and Cranberry Orange Walnut loaf.  They pair will with your tea or coffee for those cool mornings and evenings.

IMG_3339image courtesy of moo milk bar

LPG: Moo Milk Bar appears to have expanded recently, with products sold in external retail locations such as the McEwan Gourmet Grocery store. Where do you see Moo Milk Bar in the next five years? 

In addition to McEwans, we are also at Holt Renfrew (Bloor location), Crema Coffee (all 3 locations), The Lucky Penny General Store by Trinity Bellwoods and Summerhill Market. In the next 5 years, we would love to have more wholesale clients and to have a 2nd location in the West end. We are always recipe testing, so there will be more delicious flavours to come!


For more Moo Milk Bar info:

We’d like to take the opportunity to thank Danielle, and manager Colette for taking the time to answer our questions! We are thrilled to have featured your shop and can’t wait to treat ourselves to some cookies n’ milk very soon! All the best on your future projects – we wish you much success with your lovely shop!

Margaret O’Donoghue
Communications Coordinator

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