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Playful Grounds – Goodie Spotlight

March 12, 2013

Having little ones in your life has probably made you pay attention to those commercials for Kinder Surprise where you hear  “Have you played today?” Our question to you is “Have you relaxed today?”

One of the most common things that occurs when you have children in your life is for you to forget about yourself. You don’t have as much ‘me time’ (as we like to call it) anymore and this is one thing that you should not be ignoring. We are happy to be featuring a perfect outlet for you, as a parent/caregiver, to go to sit back, relax and enjoy the company of others just like you!

Tera and Davina, owners of Playful Grounds, have come up with the perfect solution for adults to be adults while still taking care of their little ones. Read the full Q&A we had with Tera below to learn more about Playful Grounds and all that it has to offer.

Image Courtesy of Playful Grounds

Image Courtesy of Playful Grounds

LPG: Please briefly explain when and why Playful Grounds was started.

PG: We started Playful Grounds in January 2012. The reason we opened was simple; we wanted to provide parents with a place they could go and still be adults. Have a coffee, brunch, a beer, a glass of wine, whatever you want. Listen to good music in an adult environment. All the things parents used to do before they were parents, but are now cut off from because of having a kiddie in tow. We are available evenings and afternoons for private parties as well.

LPG: What makes Playful Grounds so unique?

PG: We offer a grown up environment which is completely kiddie friendly. We offer all the things parents need when out with babies or kids, like a play area, high chairs, family bathroom with change table, extra bibs, emergency items like extra diapers, kiddie friendly menu, adult friendly menu and so much more! Also, the kiddie area packs neatly away and we instantly become a classy lounge available for different types of events.

LPG: In your opinion what are other ways that parents can relax while still spending time with their children?

PG: Alcohol. Moms need booze. ‘Nuff said.

Image Courtesy of Playful Grounds

Image Courtesy of Playful Grounds

LPG: What goals do you want Playful Grounds to achieve in the next 5 years?

PG: Franchise!

LPG: Are their events or activities at  Playful Grounds for parents who want their ‘me time’ to be with just other adults?

PG: We offer both parenting workshops during the day (for free) and evening events. We have comedy nights, jazz nights and art openings. These events tend to  be of the not kiddie friendly variety. The daytime workshops include baby sign language, infant massage, how to survive your relationship after baby, sleep workshops, etc….

Thank you Tera for taking the time to answer all of our questions! We absolutely love that you have created an outlet for adults to be adults, but still allow for children to stay with their parents. We wish you much luck in opening franchise stores and in all other endeavors.

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