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Silly Goose Kids – Goodie Spotlight

February 04, 2015

Happy February to all our Little Party-Goers!

We’re so excited to be sharing this week’s Goodie Spotlight on a neighbourhood shop that has everything from A-Z for children’s entertainment and parent needs: Silly Goose Kids! Opened by two kid-loving-ladies, Shamie Ramgoolam and Tracey Jacobs, this fun shop on the Danforth (at Woodbine) carries toys, books, crafts and must-haves for new parents, like carriers, onesies and slings.

Whenever we can, we like to buy at local, independent stores for anything we need for our kiddies or their parties – and so we were very excited to hear about this little shop in our city, which offers an array of entertaining and educational materials as well as the practical stuff like rubber boots and Kleen Kanteens. What’s more is Silly Goose Kids is more than just a retail store – it’s a place parents and kids go to for workshops, classes, concerts and more!

Read on to our Q&A with owners Shamie and Tracey to learn more about this awesome spot for parents & kids alike:

LPG: When and why did you open Silly Goose Kids? What’s the story behind your shop?

SGK: Silly Goose Kids opened its doors on September 24th 2011.  We (Tracey Jacobs & Shamie Ramgoolam) had worked for other independent toy stores and other kid related retailers for a combined total of 30 years.  We found ourselves in a spot where we knew our next step would be to become business owners.  We thought about opening our store in different neighbourhoods in the city… but the more we checked out “other” neighborhoods the more we knew it had to be in our own ‘hood. Celina’s, Cake Town and Moberly’s were here and we thought we could fit in nicely.


image courtesy of silly goose kids

LPG: What makes Silly Goose Kids a unique shop for children and parents?

SGK: When we planned our store we wanted to be more than a store that sold stuff.  We wanted our customers to have an awesome experience when they shopped.  A place where one might not feel the usual retail pressure to buy but still get the service and guidance that is required.  We designed the store so it would be “fun” for parents and kids.  We hoped that it would be a place for people to meet other like-minded people in the neighborhood; and make a new friend.  We host workshops for parents & babies (CPR, baby wearing, naturopathic) and baby classes (song times, storytelling, sign language).  We also host concerts, book signings and readings.


image courtesy of silly goose kids

LPG: What has been your most memorable experience since starting your business?

SGK: We can’t pick just one memorable experience… The thing that we always remember is we get to a provide a service that is wanted and appreciated in the community and that everyday we get to continue to carry on our business in this great neighbourhood in this great city.  In just over three years we’ve grown personally and in business thanks to the support of our loyal and caring customers, suppliers and friends.

LPG: What were some favourite products this past holiday season?

SGK: This past holiday season was pretty great, can’t choose one… It’s always hard to pick just a few things. We carry great products in general – we try to have a good selection of toys that we consider to be “classic” play; no screens just fun, imagination and creativity. We have already started stocking up for birthday gifts and everyday needs.

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image courtesy of silly goose kids

LPG: Where do you see yourself and Silly Goose Kids in the next five years?

SGK: In five years we would like to be here doing what we do best… Silly Goose Kids for us is a dream come true and we want to be really involved and great at running our store.

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image courtesy of silly goose kids

Wow, we learned so much from this short-but-sweet Q&A with Shamie and Tracey — a big thanks to you both for taking the time to speak with us; we’ll definitely be stopping by soon to see what upcoming events are going on. We encourage all our readers to check out Silly Goose Kids’ social links/website below to continue following this shop’s story!

Until next time!

Margaret O’Donoghue
Communications Coordinator

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