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The Clay Room – Goodie Spotlight

February 18, 2015

Hello to all our Little Party-Goers readers! We hope everyone’s week is going well and that everyone had a great Family Day with their loved ones on Monday.

We’ve been trying our best to handle this bitter cold weather we’ve been getting in Toronto, and lately have been looking for places to keep busy and stay warm with our little ones, and we think we’re in luck! Enter, The Clay Room! This shop is a paint-your-own-ceramics place where people of all ages and abilities are welcome.  They have a variety of over 300 white ceramic pieces and 60 paint colours to choose from, and all of their paints are dinnerware safe and non-toxic – perfect for kids!

If you’ve ever wanted to create a unique personalized ceramic piece but didn’t want to attend a long, structured pottery class, then The Clay Room is for you.

Read on to our Q & A to learn more about this super fun spot where you can spend a creative afternoon out of the cold!

LPG: How did The Clay Room come to be?

TCR: The Clay Room was established as a walk-in clay experience almost 20 years ago (this June!). It was created by a wonderful woman named Lisa Lo.  She eventually switched to paint-your-own ceramics because clay is too labour intensive as a walk-in activity. I was lucky enough to buy it from her in 2005, because she wanted to pursue her dream of opening an art gallery.  Win win.

limage courtesy of the clay room

LPG: What makes The Clay Room so unique?

TCR: There are only a few paint-your-own ceramic stores in the GTA.  The Clay Room is different because our selection offers over 300 items – no one else compares in that way. We are also right downtown (just across the DVP bridge where Bloor St turns into the Danforth). The Clay Room is right on the Danforth subway line between Broadview and Chester, which is very easy to get to. But most of all, my friendly and helpful staff makes us the best in town.

LPG: What can people expect when they spend an afternoon at The Clay Room?

oimage courtesy of the clay room

TCR: They can expect to work on a relaxing, but fun filled activity with a masterpiece to be picked up one week later. It’s a great way to reconnect with friends and with your creativity.  Staff will go through all the instructions, and if you like, you can bring in a printed idea and we will help you implement it into your piece. All the equipment is at your finger tips.
Prices range from $11-65 depending on the item selected and who is painting (kid, student, adult).

LPG: Is there anything happening for the winter season at The Clay Room?

TCR: It’s a great escape from the cold, come in to make a hot chocolate or coffee mug! It’s great for all ages, from baby footprints to bridal showers, to anniversary presents.  Or just a gift to yourself!  We welcome all types of groups – schedule a kids birthday party, corporate team building session, bridal shower, girl guides/school group or even a moms baby group.

l (1)image courtesy of the clay room

LPG: Where do you see The Clay Room in the next five years?

TCR: We hope to continue to be a vibrant part of the community.  We have 20 year olds that come into paint that had their 5th birthday party here which is very cool. In the future, we may expand into glass fusing as well, fingers crossed!

A very big thank you to The Clay Room for sharing your story with us and shedding more light upon all that you do! We’ll definitely be stopping by for a winter respite and hope our readers do the same! Wishing you all the best in the future.

Margaret O’Donoghue

Communications Coordinator


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